First time loaded on the truck

Aug 5, 2018 – A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single trip across the yard…

After sitting forlornly in a back corner of our yard for almost 12 years the 1965 Avion truck camper was finally moved closer to the workshop so we could begin the renovations. Loading it up took about an hour

and the truck was pretty much level under the weight of the camper which lowered the rear about 3″.

I loaded the camper with nothing under it in the truck bed to see what the clearance would be under the wings and cabover.

  • Front wall of camper to front box rail – 3″
  • Cabover to roof clearance ~ 0.5″
  • Wings to box sides ~ 0.5″
  • Tail light clearance – 2″
  • Door threshold 34.5″ above ground
  • 80″ to cabover bottom
  • Overhang at rear 27″ from licence plate
  • truck height when loaded
    • right rear -3″
    • left rear -2 5/8″
    • right front -0″
    • left front +3/16″
  • Camper could be 1″ forward and still have 1″ tail light clearance and bumper would clear pan

The jacks worked fine for raising and lowering, but the attachment points obviously need to be reinforced .

The biggest job will be repairing the damage done by a tree to the roof just back of the front cap. Since this area will be opened up anyway we will take this opportunity to extend the cabover section of the camper. Combined with extending the bed by a foot at the aft end this will allow us to change the 46″ wide east-west bed into a north-south bed.

The Avion C-10 has sat here for almost 12 years.
The camper was a little wobbly on it’s jacks when raised high enough for the truck. It’s hard to believe that it originally had only three jacks. The plan is to install a Stable Load to make loading and unloading easier and safer.


There was about a half inch of clearance over the roof with nothing in the truck bed to raise the camper.
There was about 3″ between the front of the camper and the front of the box, which could be reduced a little. The limiting factor is the fibreglass pan that contains the holding tanks at the rear. We’ll likely put the camper on rubber stall mats which will raise it about 3/4″ and allow it to be slightly farther forward.
2″ clearance at lights – could be 1″
Once the camper is set on rubber stall mats it will be able to be moved forward about an inch. The part of the camper shown here is the pan (fiberglass I think) that contains the holding tank.

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