Taillights and Winter Work

There hasn’t been a lot of progress to share on the Avion lately due to the snow and cold temperatures, but I attended an RV show to look for ideas and have spent a lot of time in planning the project and buying things I’ll need when the weather warms up.
One of items I purchased was a set of LED taillights to replace the old ones. I wanted something bright that included reverse lights. On Amazon they are called
Maxxima M85417R Red 21 Ultra Thin Round Hybrid Lightning STT/Back-Up LED Light. I haven’t installed them yet, but the cold weather gave me time to realize that they would look better with a bezel, so this is what I made. In addition to improving the appearance, It think they’ll make it easier to seal the lights to the camper.

On the right is a taillight as purchased, and with the unpolished bevel on the left.img_20200202_161946img_20200202_161910

I started with two pieces of aluminum (about 6″ by 6″ by 1/2″) that I got from the cutoff shelves at the Metal Supermarket for $10.  This is a great place to get metal if you have one in your area.img_20200202_161831

I turned the blanks using a rotary table on the milling machine, then put them on a metal lathe for sanding. They were polished on a stationary buffer.img_20200203_101439

Here are the finished lights ready to install when the weather cooperates.img_20200204_194421


These lights don’t come with the vehicle pigtails, so I ordered them separately, also from Amazon.


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