Cabover setback

I was disappointed last spring to find that the cabover was leaking and the new plywood was delaminating. I went over all the suspected leak points and I think I got them all, but decided to tear it out and replace with aluminum so I wouldn’t have to worry about future leaks. Continue reading “Cabover setback”

Plumbing Vent

Every tank needs to be vented to allow air to exit and enter when the fluid level changes. Our Avion will has two grey tanks connected end to end placed under the floor, but no black tank. The black tank is replaced by the cassette toilet. The fresh-water tank also needs to be vented, but that is a separate system.

Continue reading “Plumbing Vent”
I know that it was originally orange and I even bought a can of Allis Chalmers orange, but I just couldn’t!

Jalousie Windows

I’ve always liked the look of jalousie windows on a vintage camper, but the ones on either side of the ’65 Avion truck camper have a flaw that can cause them to leak. They are high enough on the wall that they slant inwards at the top, and since the sill is designed to be horizontal when the window is installed, it actually slants inward Continue reading “Jalousie Windows”


I hadn’t originally planned to polish the camper, but decided to for a few reasons. The main one was that polishing would give a more uniform look without having to search out anodized panels to match the old panels. Also there were spots on the original panels where the anodizing had weathered a lot and looked somewhat patchy, and there were the parts that were downright ugly, Continue reading “Polishing”

Adding a Window

The side windows in the Avion are well below my eye level, and since I’m building a face-to-face dinette that will be above the wings, they’ll be below eye level when seated at the dinette as well. For this reason I’ve added an additional window. In an Airstream these are called Vista View windows. They are on the curve where the wall transitions into the roof.

Continue reading “Adding a Window”

Taillights and Winter Work

There hasn’t been a lot of progress to share on the Avion lately due to the snow and cold temperatures, but I attended an RV show to look for ideas and have spent a lot of time in planning the project and buying things I’ll need when the weather warms up.
One of items I purchased was a set of LED taillights to replace the old ones. I wanted something bright that included reverse lights. On Amazon they are called Continue reading “Taillights and Winter Work”

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