In rebuilding the camper I decided to make some changes to the size:

  1. The cabover bed was lowered 3″ to increase head height.
  2. The cabover bed was extended 17″ forward and 12″ to the rear (over the floor) to provide room for a 75″ long mattress.
  3. The wings were lowered 3-3/4″
  4. The floor was made wider by 8″ to the rear of the wheel wells, adding about 1.5 square feet of floor space.
  5. The wing walls were moved outward 4″ on each side from just behind the wheel wells to the front wall.
  6. A 4″ tall aluminum frame was added to the bottom of the floor to provide the enough clearance over the bed rails and cab roof. This basement area will contain a grey water tank and provide an attachment point for a step bumper.

In total these changes add a little more than 14 cubic feet of interior space to the camper. The increased width of the floor will make room for a 12 volt compressor refrigerator to be installed on the floor just forward of the bathroom on the curb side. I’m considering a Vitrifrigo SLIM150. Lowering the wings and making the camper wider at the front will allow for a face-to-face dinette on the curb side. The area under the 12″ overhang of the  bed at the front of the floor will be used for batteries and other electrical equipment, as well as storage.


Front view showing old and new dimensions. The 4-3/4″ x 4″ “steps” along the sides continue back about 70″ and then the floor has the full width of 54-3/4″ for 28″ before it widens out over rear overhang.


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