First time loaded on the truck

Aug 5, 2018 – A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single trip across the yard…

After sitting forlornly in a back corner of our yard for almost 12 years the 1965 Avion truck camper was finally moved closer to the workshop so we could begin the renovations. Loading it up took about an hour
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Renovation and Updating of a 1965 Avion C-10 Truck Camper

In 1998 we purchased a 1964 Airstream Overlander. The following year, while travelling an Interstate through Ohio, I saw an Avion Truck Camper, and the search began. We purchased this 1965 Avion Truck Camper on Ebay in the fall of 2006.¬†At the time we didn’t have a truck, so I picked up the camper and brought it home from Virginia on a flatbed car-hauler behind our Suburban.

A couple of years after we bought the camper a tree fell on it damaging the roof over the cabover, but fortunately leaving the front curved segments undamaged.
Now we are finally at a point where we can take on this project. The goal is to renovate the camper mostly with modern appliances and materials to make it comfortable and practical to use, not to restore it to original condition.

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