This post includes photos of the removal of the interior. Everything had to come out in order to remove the interior skins for alterations and repairs. I don’t intend to use any of the original interior.

Most of the fasteners were clutch-head screws, a style that is not common today. Having only one short bit made it difficult as some of the screws were countersunk deep into the cabinet frames. I was able to modify a large Robertson (square) bit for when I needed a longer bit, and a slotted bit for smaller screws.

I weighed everything that I removed and it amounted to about 750 lbs.

Next step, removal of interior skins.

Range and kitchen counter removed.
The patch is where the original water heater was installed. It was gone when I bought the camper.
Removing the furnace was a challenge. I figured that once the screws that held the heat shield to the outer skin were removed the exhaust should separate from the furnace, but it wouldn’t budge. I could pull it out a few inches, but it wouldn’t come apart and in the limited space available I couldn’t see what was holding it. In the end I cut through the pipe to remove it. There was a slip-fit joint that would have come apart if it hadn’t been for 50 years of rust.
I didn’t have the key for the refrigerator access panel, so I drilled out the rivets at the hinge to remove it.
Good thing I didn’t test out the drain, the ABS pipe was broken in several places.
The bathroom corner.


It looks a lot bigger when empty.
Without looking at it, I had always assumed that there was a waste tank under the floor at the rear, hidden by the fibreglass skirt. Turns out the black tank (no grey tank) was smaller than I thought and sits completely above the floor. This won’t be needed as the plan is to install a cassette toilet in this location.
Major floor rot in the rear driver’s side corner. Sitting below the floor is one of the two fibreglass skirts. They are in remarkably good condition for a piece that would seem prone to damage.



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  1. On our ‘65 C-10 the drivers side back corner has very similar floor rot, just about the only rot in the entire camper. I wonder if it could be from condensation from the heater or propane tank cabinet? The Fridge is also close but the wood under the fridge itself is fine. Could also from a leak where rain water runs down the edge of the propane cabinet door and finds it’s way into the floor somehow?


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